Crypto's most recent stories of success(and failure).

How Premines Can Be Beneficial

Generally, when cryptocurrency enthusiasts hear the word “premine”, they’re disgusted. But, wait! Hear me out… I’m going to change your mind. Here’s why and how, a premine can be a rather good thing, for a Read more…


What Does It Take To Create A Coin?

There’s been countless amounts of blockchains created, and currently running on the internet within the past few years. With the amount of different blockchains there are, you’d think that they’re either incredibly easy to make, Read more…


Can You Trust Encryption?

Encryption is an amazing thing. Without it, all of our data would be flying about in cyberspace, in plain text, for anyone to read! Not only that… But, cryptocurrency wouldn’t exist. Encryption is used on Read more…

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