Staying in the loop, when it comes to cryptocurrency is crucial. It allows you to feel safe, or know when to avoid investments. The faster you know information about a new coin, the faster you can decided to get in on it, or avoid it… This small amount of time, is the difference between a short on your investment, or a doubling. During this weeks “China Ban” scare, it was obvious to me that it was nothing to worry about. In-fact, it had became a great opportunity for me, as the money I had put in during the crash has already made a 134% return(with obvious signs of more growth), after only two days. If you want to be successful, you need to know what’s going on. Here’s how I do it.

1. Discord

Hands down, one specific Discord server has proven to be the best for finding news(to me at least). A few weeks back, I stumbled upon a Discord that someone had shared on Reddit(my second best source), and joined it. This Discord was full, with thousands of fellow miners, and investors sharing news, their opinions, and having solid, friendly conversation. I would share it with you, but come on, I can’t give out all my secrets.

2. Reddit

Reddit, is generally where I find all of my “Big Headline” news. This is the content I’d say, everyone knows(if they have any clue what’s going on). If the news is on Reddit, it’s not entirely fresh, and other people have already made their investment choices upon it.

3. FaceBook Groups

Smaller crypto specific Facebook groups have actually proven to bring me some relatively new news, surprisingly. It feels like, more of a person, to person connection when someone posts onto a group page. Almost like direct contact from a friend, but not quite there yet.

4. Friends

Friends who are trying to stay in the loop, and spread information back to you, are good friends. You want to keep these guys around. Think of it as, another you, to look for more news to keep up with. Just, without doubling up your work to stay up to date.

5. Twitter

Following Blockchain intrigued developers on Twitter has allowed me to find out what coins, are actually easy for them to work with. Smart Contract based coins(like Ethereum) need developers to enjoy their frameworks and API’s for anything successful to actually be built upon them(in order for the coin’s value to increase).


Finding sources for news, and fast news, is the difference between a big return, or a forced shorting on an investment. Before investing in any coin, it’s important to have reliable sources of new information coming out about it, and coins or other sources that influence it. Be smart, and stay up to date… You don’t want to end up being the type of guy that sold his BTC for $3,000 a coin, during a scare(haha, poor sucker). You want to be the one that buys it, and sells it for $10,000 per coin two years down the road.

Surely you’ll find other, better sources if you try hard enough. It’s all about making connections with the right groups of people.

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