What Is The Samourai Wallet?

Among Groslcoin’s many wallet options, is the Samourai wallet. This hardware(you hold the keys) Android wallet, boasts it’s anonymity and security, as it allows for private stealth addresses with both TOR and VPN support, as well as onboard AES-256 encryption.

If you don’t care too much about anonymity, it’s other features may swoon you in it’s direction as well. the ability to set your own miner fee, and block explorer puts it above most other wallets in my book.

Security Features

The Samourai wallet, is directed at those who put security of their assets first. With onboard AES-256 encryption, stealth mode, and no address used twice, your holdings will be as safe as possible(in terms of mobile wallets).

For those who don’t think having a 5-8 digit pin(Screenshot) is enough, you can even set your wallet to self destruct(delete all data) after receiving a specified text.


Everything that’s secure in the history of the web, is either encrypted or non-accessible. Since we’re talking blockchain tech, it’s encrypted.

All wallet content is protected, with AES-256 Encryption, ensuring that nothing can read your data without accessing it through the application first.

Upon wallet creation, a BIP 44, and BIP 39 encrypted passphrase is created(important to keep safe, write it down or remember it).


Samourai’s main showcases lie within it’s anonymity features.

Transactional Privacy(Screenshot): Groestlcoin’s  Samourai has formulated multiple algorithms that help preserve your transactional privacy.

Block Chain Privacy(Screenshot): Basic transaction obscuring on block chain with change address manipulation. Groestlcoin Samourai anonymization feature uses tricks with inputs and outputs of your own wallet that create transactions on the blockchain designed to confuse outsiders.

Network/IP Privacy(Screenshot): Keep your IP masked, and your location to yourself with built-in support for both OpenVPN and Orbot(tor).

Reusable Payment Channels(Screenshot): The Samourai wallet, and it’s non-use of an address more than once, ensures that you won’t receive GRS from any unknown source more than once. This can be changed within the Payment Channel options, where you can set an address that forwards the incoming transactions to your wallet behind a masked address. It uses the same empty receiving address, then forwards it to a one-time use address for your wallet where it gets dumped in with the rest of your funds. This allows you to receive from what appears to be the same address, but is actually a mask to ensure your anonymity.

Stealth Mode

The Stealth Mode option, allows for the wallet to run in the background and removes your ability to access it by opening the app(appearing as if it was never installed).

You can open it via your phones dialer(what you use to call a friend that’s not in your contacts), by entering your “**YOUR_PIN#”, and calling it.


Remote SMS Control(Screenshot)

The wallet also comes included with the ability to control it via SMS. That’s right, you can control your wallet via text, from any phone(if set to a trusted number, within your wallet options).

You can have remote SMS controls disabled(default) if you desire, but if it’s something you could use, why not?

Weather or not you enable “Trusted #’s only” is up to you(definitely should, if it’s enabled). This will determine whether or not any number, or only your predetermined ones can command your wallet via SMS.

Retrieve Your Wallet Seed: “SW seed YOUR_PIN_CODE”
You will receive the HEX seed of your wallet in response which you can use to restore access to your Groestlcoin

Wipe Your Wallet Data: “SW wipe YOUR_PIN_CODE”
You will receive confirmation that the wallet has been securely wiped from the device.

SIM Theft Defense: If desired, you can also set the wallet to send you a text if the sim card has been inserted into a different phone. This may be useful, in finding the number that took your phone, and helps you stay in the loop with your device.

Additional Features

There’s more to the functionality of the wallet, than just it’s security and anonymity. The basic stuff helps contribute to our decisions as well, here’s what else you should know before trying it out.


The wallet looks incredibly sleek on all Android devices, with it’s simple dark theme. All of the content flows onto each page perfectly, and easy to use sliders and buttons have made managing crypto easier than

Wallet Import/Export

Importing and exporting, has been made easy. You can import(sweep) and export with the ease of QR code scanning, or copy and pasting keys.

Live Currency Conversion Rates

Tapping on your current holdings switches the currency into your set currency. Allowing for you to get a better feel, for how much you’re actually holding.

In Conclusion

The Samourai wallet is far better than any of the other wallets I have tried out for this coin. It’s simple, has as much customization as you can get, and does everything I need it to do, securely, with anonymity.



GRS Forums, and experimenting myself.

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