Due to the “recent” Twitter explosion of Bitcoin’s “Crazy Block“, and it’s mis-conception. I’ve written this article to oppose the 21e8 theory, as well as explain what an actual “Genesis Block” is. I’m hoping to bring insight to those who don’t understand. This is not intended as an attack on those who think otherwise.

What “Crazy Block”?

The Bitcoin block timestamped at “2018-06-19 19:32:27” was suspected by many via Twitter, to be a majestic block of sorts. Many thought there was the block’s existance could possibly occur without the help of time travel, Satoshi’s return, or quantum computing.

This block appears to be mis-understood by nearly… Everyone.

Let’s start with the block’s hash…

The block hash is completely random, no party/algorithm is in control of it.

Many enthusiasts believe the block hash is a special order of numbers. The magic number contains “21e8″(referring to the E8 theory, AKA theory of everything). The appearance of this number, is completely random. I guess it’s just shear luck… However, similar numbers have appeared at a consistent rate of around once per year(and it’s been about a year…).

Additionally, many other crypto enthusiasts had somehow been convinced that this was the appearance of a second “genesis block”. This is disgustingly wrong.

What Makes It A Genesis Block?


“000000000019d6689c085ae165831e934ff763ae46a2a6c172b3f1b60a8ce26f” Is the hash of the Bitcoin genesis block. Due to the fact that both this hash and the crazy block hash both start with a large sum of zeros, people had begun to believe it was also a genesis block.

There can only be one genesis block.

A genesis block by definition, is the first block used to form the blockchain. It’s hard-coded into the chain by the developer(s). It cannot be generated naturally as the chain typically needs a previous block to create a new one(hence the name, blockchain).

Could It Have Been Quantum Computing?

Another theory of the blocks appearance was that someone had obtained a quantum computing machine of sorts, to crack this specific block hash.

This theory(if you want to call it that) has a few holes. Although, out of all this chaos it’s the one that makes the most sense if you deny that the block was created due to randomness.

First, if someone had obtained this insane level of quantum computing, why would they use it on hashing a Bitcoin block(also, why would they use a pool?)? If this level of computation is obtainable, it would be put to better use. For example, executing extremely successful double spends, or attacking other SHA256 embedded solutions.

Additionally, this level of quantum computing is un-imagined. I wouldn’t think that we(government, or any power) are capable of owning this type of machinery yet.

Who Started All Of This Tomfoolery!?

Mark Wilcox, and Desantis were the original advocates of the “” tweets.

They’ve been known to stir up crazy social media related events before, as well.

In Conclusion

I personally made a tweet or two pertaining to the block, however in no way had I advocated belief in it’s specialty.

There is no “New Genesis Block”, and there is nothing special about block #528249. Always do your research before taking part in social media hype.

Additionally, Mark and Desantis(particularly) have been known to kick-off false hype like so. Always find and use proven genuine sources of content.


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