Groestlcoin has made some amazing strives since I had first written about it, at just nine cents per coin. After investing more of my assets into it over the past few months, I’ve only found more and more reasons to love it. Upon further analysis I’ve convinced myself that GRS will be the big winner to take over the crypto-alt world in 2018… Here’s why.

Amazing Transaction Speeds

Some coins boast a two minute transaction time, which doesn’t sound too bad… But could you imagine standing at a coffee shop register, waiting for a transaction to post for two minutes? It’s became clear to me that the only way crypto can be adopted into modern society properly is if it’s instant, and secure at the same time.

GRS seems to fit the glass slipper perfectly, thanks to the use of segwit, and it’s Lightning Network compatibility. The video below is what had convinced me to go all in on GRS, as it almost seems too good to be true.

Minimal Transaction Fees

Not only are GRS transactions faster than the speed of light(well, not scientifically…), but they are also the closest you can get to free. Transaction fees are the lowest among competitors like Vertcoin, Litecoin, and others.

Blockchain Security

Groestlcoin transactions are confirmed through POW(Proof Of Work) thanks to the miners. To remove the possibility of a 51% attack, GRS functions on an algorithm that no other coin uses, called Grøstl(hence the name of the coin).

It’s algorithm also allows you to mine without any specialized hardware, meaning any home PC will do(which takes less than ten minutes to set up, thanks to the Easy Miner).

ASIC(Application Specific Integrated Circuts)’s have not yet been developed for Grøstl, as GRS is the only coin using the algorithm and ASIC developers wouldn’t get the cut they’re looking for if they had invested into making one.

Wallet Security/Privacy

Groestlcoin’s storage is just like your standard cryptocurrency when it comes to security… Not.

Thanks to the Samourai wallet, your GRS wallet will be the most secure thing you own. With it’s AES-256 encryption, ability to wipe it’s keys remotely, and alerts if a new sim has been placed in your device… Your funds are completely impenetrable.

Aside from it’s amazing security, it also keeps your transactions anonymous with tor + vpn support, as well as blockchain obfuscation(confusing outsiders with multiple transaction inputs/outputs).

You can read more about the Samourai wallet and it’s awesome features here

What’s To Come

The devs have done a great job creating what Groestlcoin is in it’s current state, but the roadmap for what’s planned in 2018 is what’s gonna make your jaw drop.

• Offchain Atomic Swaps
• Onchain Atomic Swaps
• Lightning Network public release for Desktop wallets
• Lightning Network public release for Mobile wallets
• Introduce Bech32 address format
• Integrate GRS to Rootstock
• Rebranding Vote
• Add GRS on Coinomi
• Add GRS on Ledger
• Add GRS on Trezor
• Add GRS on More Exchanges
• Increase GRS Payment Adoption
• Marketing Campaigns for GRS Awareness
• Update Groestlcoin to 0.16.0 codebase
• Update Electrum-GRS to 3.0.2 codebase
• Upgrade Groestlcoin Samourai with New Features
• Upgrade Groestlcoin Sentinel with New Features


Groestlcoin has already been adopted by a few restaurants, cafe’s and even taxi services(all mostly in Korea). It’s growing fast, and is on route to become one of the worlds most used currencies. It won’t be long before you start seeing stickers stating it’s acceptance around your town, so why not get into owning some now?

GRS is even accepted in a few US based airports, for parking fees! More information here

You can view a list all GRS accepting merchants here

In Conclusion

Groestlcoin is wicked fast, cheap, secure, and easy to adopt. If it isn’t part of your investment portfolio, or you don’t own any, you’re missing out.

This is the year of crypto recognition, and with what Groestlcoin has planned… It deserves to be on top.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Groestlcoin reached $10.00 USD by the end of 2018.

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Zurak · January 10, 2018 at 7:03 pm

Thank you for your opinon. Great Review… I think there will be a specific point of time, when the “crowd” realizes, that there is an altcoin, which is totally undervalued and then you can’t stop the massive trading. So Thank you again!


Chopin · January 11, 2018 at 2:22 am

When it comes to the usefulness in real life, or utility, no ALT seems to be able to reach GRS I think. I’m pretty sure that this can hit $10 in very short-period, even less than a 3 month. Next year? Maybe will be in the top 20 list of coinmarketcap and GRS deserves it.

For the correct information, XVG also supports GRS algorithm for miners too. GRS is not the only coin that uses GRS algorithm. However, the REAL ASIC-resistant comes from policy, not the algorithm itself. GRS team will change their mining algorithm if ASIC for GRS will be developed in future. Just HODL $GRS!

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