In this piece, I’m expressing my views regarding the content created and spread by the cryptocurrency community. Nothing here is factual, and everything purely opinion based. This is not intended as an attack on writers or readers. I’m sure that many will disagree with my views, and others will agree. I feel as if it’s my occupation to bring this subject to your attention.

Generally, the work written on this site is factual and long-term educationally based content(opposed to headlines and “current news”). Due to the fact of the growth of both undeserving work, and my frustration with discovering long-term educationally/factual written articles, I’ve pulled the trigger on writing this piece.

Over the course of the past year or two, I’ve been witnessing the content that both newcomers to cryptocurrency and experienced enthusiasts share, turn to what I’d consider to be outright trash.

The content that we crypto-enthusiasts spread is a direct showcase of what we actually know, and believe to be true. It’s important that we’re spreading only factual, and well written content, so that both newbies and experts can be educated properly. Additionally, we shouldn’t be supporting poorly written/spam content.

What’s Wrong With Today’s Content?

False/Opinion Based Content

I believe that any articles intended to be educational(in crypto, and any other subject) should aim to be 100% accurate. Not a single detail should be off, and if there is… The writer should be open to writing changes, to resolve the flawed content.

Additionally, there’s a lot of content that goes viral(often on the front page of popular subreddits), that is purely opinion based without a warning(This is a purely opinion based article, if you can’t tell). Newcomers to the cryptocurrency scene often read these articles believing that they’re factual…

Amount Of Content

Another large problem that I’ve seen within crypto-related content, is that it’s lacking enough content within the articles body.

I try not to publish anything that’s less than six hundred words, as I intend for our readers to endure both a decently informing read, as well as a clear/easy to understand read.

Often times after reading a commonly shared/spread article around two-three hundred words, I’m left asking myself questions and needing to do more research on the subject. This should not occur. This is the result of a poorly written article.

The content that we support(by sharing, and reading), should be well-written. You should not be left with any questions after reading them(in most cases).

Site Quality/Advertising

I know that in a sense, I’m kicking myself with this subject… But I believe that there’s an acceptable and unacceptable amount of ads that sites should display. Attention bloggers, and site administrators: There’s a difference between paying yourself, and being greedy.

At the time of writing our site has a limit of two ads per article page. No less, no more.

There are many crypto-blogs that have an ad at the beginning of the article, two in the middle, another at the end, one on the side-bar, one on the footer, and a pop-up ad in the middle of reading. Some blogs will even use a web-based crypto-miners on top of displaying ads.

I know that many readers have averted this issue by using ad-blockers, but that doesn’t resolve the issue. I personally believe the use of an ad-blocker is up to the reader. If they wish to support my content by allowing ads, I’m all for it. Otherwise, I understand… As I use an adblocker for many sites as well(disabled for those I with to support).

If you can’t read the article due to the fact that the site is displaying an insane amount of interrupting ads. The content does not deserve to be shared, hands down.

You’ll often find these sites are the big players spreading headline(“current news”, or better known as click-bait) content, with little-to-no content within the articles body.

What Would “Fixing It” Do?

Solving the above issues would allow for a more educated, and properly informed crypto community.

Little do content writers know… Their work is a direct reflection of what the crypto community understands as a whole. When they create false content, it shows they have no clue what they’re talking about… This also applies to every person who re-posts the content.

If everyone stopped spreading poor content, we would benefit from:

  • Less clickbait.
  • A better informed community.
  • Less greedy site administrators, creating poor content… Earning insane revenue they don’t deserve.
  • Progression in cryptocurrency(as a whole, not just socially).
  • Newcomers grasping a better understanding as to what cryptocurrency actually is.
  • Etc…
Conclusion: What Benefits Does A “Properly Informed Community” Have Over Our Current Community?

If everyone speaks the known truth, and only the known truth… There’s no room for false content to be created and spread. As a group of people, everyone(all communities, around the world) should strive to mitigate the spread of false education, and poorly written content. Why are crypto enthusiasts continually supporting poorly constructed work? This needs to end.

Obviously false content will always be created(due to ad revenue greed, and uneducated writers). However, if just a few less people re-posted it, and shared more accurate information, many would benefit from it. Don’t underestimate the power of your reddit upvote, or twitter re-tweet.

At the time of writing, our blog doesn’t get too many impressions. However, I value each one more than larger blogs value hundreds, or even thousands. The ability to educate a single person, means that you’re educating whoever they educate(which creates an infinite chain, in my eyes). If my work can help a single person, I’m beyond satisfied with the time put into my works. Writers should strive to educate/entertain readers, it’s not all about making ad-revenue and getting crazy traffic.

We are here and reading to grow our understanding, and occasionally be entertained… Right? Not to share fake-news, and have pennies sucked out of our eyeballs by ads on non-deserving viral content.


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